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Debt is an Emergency!

Debt is an Emergency!

Debt is an emergency and Brian Barta Law can help!

Debt is an emergency! How so, you say? Because debt fundamental undermines your ability to care for your health and happiness, and the happiness of those who depend on you.

When you incur debt to pay for life’s pleasures and necessities, you are increasing the cost of each item or service you buy, because the interest you pay is added to the purchase price of the item. Example; you buy a sweater at Macy’s and pay for it with your credit card. The minimum monthly payment on that credit card balance will not get rid of that debt for several years. The amount you pay for that sweater can double or even triple. Consequently, the real price of that sweater, and every other item you purchase with that card, increases hugely. In a very real way, you start to live in an economy in which everything you buy costs double the price compared to someone who buys those same products and services with cash!

Paying more for the products and services you buy leaves you with less money available from the income you earn. Reducing your income this way results in less money for yourself and family, and if left unchecked, can cause a shortage of funds for quality food, healthcare, leisure time and ultimately peace of mind. The loss of all this is really a loss of enjoyment of life.

For those who qualify, bankruptcy is a very inexpensive, guaranteed and honorable path to a fresh start. In bankruptcy you can get rid of credit card debt, personal and bank loans, payday loans, medical bills, and tax debt, while protecting your property from creditors.

Bankruptcy can give you a fresh start and protect your property. A first step towards that financial freedom is acknowledging, and really getting a clear understanding, that debt is an emergency.

For more than 25 years, I’ve helped literally thousands of residents of Sonoma, Marin, Napa and Lake Counties file bankruptcy and get a fresh start.

For a free consultation about your options, call the Law Offices of Brian Barta at (707) 542-2844.

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