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How Does Filing Bankruptcy Give You A Fresh Start?

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How Does Filing Bankruptcy Give You A Fresh Start?

How bankruptcy provides a fresh start by bankruptcy attorney Brian Barta in Santa Rosa, CA.

How Does Filing Bankruptcy Give You A Fresh Start?

For 30 years, my bankruptcy law practice business cards, telephone book advertisements, radio commercials, and website banners have stated, “Protect Your Property, Get a Fresh Start”. But what, you may ask, is the fresh start bankruptcy promises, and how does it feel to get that fresh start?

First, the fresh start is made possible by the discharge of your debt. In bankruptcy all your obligations, except the secured debts you choose to keep like car and truck loans and mortgages, are discharged. Credit card debt, medical debt, and personal loans are gone, permanently wiped out. Because you never have to repay those discharged debts the fresh start begins with freedom. Freedom from the debt load, freedom from minimum monthly payments and high interest rates, and freedom from the burden of debts you may never have been able to repay. So, although there are no longer debtors’ prisons in modern times, being in overwhelming debt can feel like a prison. Filing bankruptcy gets you out of that prison. That feeling of freedom is part of the fresh start bankruptcy provides.

Recovering a good credit score is the second way that you get a fresh start after bankruptcy. If you have bad credit and a low credit score because of missed or late payments, charge offs, or repossessions, your bankruptcy filing cuts off that credit history like a hot knife through butter; the bankruptcy restarts your credit history. Within one to two years most clients have recovered to a 700 score on their credit report. For a full explanation of how your credit rebounds after bankruptcy, read my previous blog “How Does Bankruptcy Affect Your Ability to Get Credit”.

Finally, having no debt, no minimum monthly payments and a good credit score is truly a financial fresh start that can change your whole financial future. Opportunities that were not available before bankruptcy, when debt, bad credit and stress prevented you from acting, can now be enjoyed. Life choices present themselves and you can take advantage of those choices to do more and be more for yourself and those who depend on you. And that, in short, is what bankruptcy promises to those who take the steps to protect their property and get a fresh start.

To hear from some of my clients about the deep relief and sense of freedom they have felt after getting rid of their debt in bankruptcy, go to Google reviews.

If you are suffering with the practical, emotional, and psychological pain caused by overwhelming debt, give yourself the opportunity for a fresh start. Call an attorney who understands your situation, and who can give you expert advice. For 30 years, I’ve helped literally thousands of residents of Sonoma, Marin, Napa, and Lake Counties file bankruptcy and get a fresh start.

For a free consultation about your options, call the Law Offices of Brian Barta at (707) 542-2844 or email to BartaBK@sonic.net.

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